‘A shining bright ray of hope’, and true to its meaning, Lenora Landmarks has been that for home buyers of Pune city for over a decade now. A city’s skyline tells you the development story of it, and we are here to dictate and form a considerate part of the same. With an ambition to not just construct buildings, but deliver on dreams of building homes that are a part of active communities and formulate a well thought society, we are working relentlessly towards this goal of ours.

Buying a house for your family in this city of Pune is a luxury in today’s day and age. We understand the sentiments a common man has when buying their respective first home. It is a great commitment towards oneself, a life changing decision and an investment for the settled future. This understanding of the same is our foremost thought that goes in all our projects. Affordable housing is the future and we have been delivering the same for the better part of this millennial so far.

Starting small with a couple of standalone projects to now an ongoing project that is sprawling multi acres, we entered this highly competitive housing sector and while successfully delivering landmark projects, we have gradually, yet consistently made our way up. We believe that the housing industry is more than just constructing lookalike buildings and providing your run of the mill basic amenities; but they are harbors of growth, of culture, of the society’s ensuing development and we promise on contributing towards the same.

Perpetual efforts at maintaining quality works, in time service and transparency from the grassroots level itself have been our forte. Sincerity in our work and valuing the customer relation are the founding stones on which our establishment is set up. A company is only as good as its people, and so we have rightly built a family here, that involves likeminded individuals, coming together to work towards that common goal of creating architectural marvels that are leaving their own mark on this city’s effective growth story.

‘The road to success is always under construction’ – Lily Tomlin.

Likewise we are a work in progress, rearing to scale newer frontiers and explore modern technology and architecture, to produce momentous projects every time. We want to create this culture of delivering spaces that not only cater to your need for living but one that will speak to your soul and drive towards building a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. So far having created this realm from scratch, we continue to take our stakeholders, our clients and the company together with us, as we continue on this beautiful journey ahead.

As we move forward we do not just want to limit ourselves at real estate but spread into other arenas including hospitality, medicinal, power generation and entertainment to say in the very least. These are exciting times for all of us at Lenora Landmark. With a resilient foothold on the past and an eye on this bright future; we are working more unremittingly in the present than ever before to bring you the best in the business every time you choose us.