A bright-shining ray of hope ~ Lenora, stands true to its meaning. Our vision is not only to build houses and buildings, but to help people find their dream homes. Serving the city of Pune for over a decade now, we understand the sentiments of the buyers when searching for their ideal spaces.

The skyline of a city tells you a lot about that city, and it has been our sincere effort to be a considerate part of the same. Owning a house is a life-changing decision and a well-planned and thought investment for the future. Keeping this in mind, we have been striving to offer affordable and comfortable living spaces. 

Lenora Landmarks initially began with small standalone projects under the family name, but our aim was higher. We are now in the process of building a project that spreads across acres and have successfully entered the highly competitive housing sector, while delivering landmark projects. Our way up is built on the motto that the housing industry is more than mere construction of similar buildings and provision of basic amenities; but instead are harbors of growth, culture, and the society’s ensuing development.

Our pillars of strength have been our earnest and perpetual efforts to uphold the quality being delivered and provide on-time services, all while functioning with utmost transparency. Our sincerity and dedication towards any task, big or small, and maintaining the bond with the clientele are the principal ideologies that Lenora Landmarks is based on.

It is said that a company is only as good as its people. Lenora Landmarks therefore is not just an organization, but a family of likeminded individuals, that have come together to achieve one common goal, that of creating architectural marvels that will leave a lasting imprint on the built landscape of the city.

“It is not the beauty of the building you should look at, it is the construction and foundation that will stand the test of time.” ~ David Allan Coe

As a company that is rearing to scale newer frontiers and explore modern technology and architecture always, we wish to produce momentous projects each time. We desire to promote the culture of delivering spaces that not only cater to the needs of living but spaces that enrich and speak to your soul, thus building a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Having originated this realm from scratch, we continue to take our stakeholders, our clients, and the company together with us, as we continue this beautiful journey ahead.

As we move forward, we do not just want to limit ourselves at real estate but spread into other arenas, including hospitality, medicinal, power generation, and entertainment to say in the very least. These are exciting times for all of us at Lenora Landmarks. With this in mind we have rebranded ourselves to Lenora Group and with a resilient foothold on the past and an eye on this bright future, we are working more persistently in the present than ever before to bring you the crème de la crème, the best of the best in the business

And now, to reflect the modern times of today, Lenora Group too has evolved as a brand to become synonymous with the change that is needed for uninterrupted growth. From here on therefore we at Lenora Group see ourselves moving at unprecedented rate as we take the route of independently and singularly functioning under our own independent brand of Lenora. We have learnt the dynamics of the industry and have built an eco-system that is ready to move out of shadows and deliver crafted, elite solutions at economical prices for your dreams of a solid tomorrow.