It was 1999 when the world stood at the dawn of a new beginning, the threshold of a new millennium, and hopeful eyes filled with dreams and aspirations looked to commence the work for a great future.  We too began to look around for newer opportunities to dive into. The real estate sector was brimming with possibilities of growth and development and hence we decided to take our next step ahead into the future that looked upbeat and inviting.

Lenora as a company was built slowly over a period of time. At first we just wanted to see how the real estate arena would greet us and hence had begun construction under the family name that is of Laddha Properties. With the backing, support, and good will of our already established clientele, we could turn our dream into reality by completing our first construction of 10 flats for a standalone building.

Then in the year 2003, a newly formed Dreams group of four other partners was formed leading to our first collaboration of a vast real estate project of 240 units. This project was immediately a big hit, giving us the confidence to continue to pursue this and eventually to the idea of the company of Lenora which would stem out of this collaboration.

In the next two years, we successfully completed another big project becoming the forerunners in the field. In 2008, we joined hands with the Calyx group, flourishing the name of Laddha properties.

“Time changes everything, but you actually have to change things yourself.”

Times have definitely changed and we too must ‘go with the flow’. Our baby steps have now turned to giant leaps and it is time for a glorious new chapter to begin and we can hardly wait to flip over to the next chapter with you.