In the year of 1999, as the world stood on the threshold of a new millennium with awaited breath and fresh dreams, we too found our foothold and decided to take our next step ahead into the future looked upbeat, brimming with possibilities of growth and development.
Having ventured out and settled a few business endeavors earlier, we were ready to begin our work towards the dream of entering the real estate and build homes for the people. Having earned the goodwill of our clients, to begin with, we started out with a small standalone building construction of 10 flats.
In the year 2003, a newly formed Dream group of four other partners was formed leading to our first vast real estate project of 240 units. This project was immediately a big hit, giving us the confidence and paving the way ahead.
Within the next two years, having completed another big project we became equipped to be one of the forerunners in this field. In 2008 we joined hands with the Calyx group and the new name of Laddha properties came up.
Having started small and worked our way up, we could give enough time to learn and look into each and every aspect of construction. This helped a lot in creating valuable partnerships and nurturing experiences that today make us who we are.
With changing times we too have begun advancing our goals. With an enhanced vision of expanding globally, we have taken new, well-thought steps to rebrand ourselves as ‘Lenora Landmarks’.
It is time for this glorious new chapter to begin and we cannot wait to do this with your esteemed support.