Mr. Kisan Bhagwandas Laddha was a man with a golden heart, coupled with a progressive mindset and determination like no one else. He did everything in life, no matter how small, with great confidence. Coming from a different background, he learned everything en route, and ensconced this company ultimately. His ethics and principles that he set for himself were more than imperative for him that anything else. Quality and integrity of work were of utmost importance to him. Being interactive and social, he built this network of motivated individuals, who today, decades later, work in the business together with us. He was a visionary, who left behind this legacy that continues giving people noteworthy service. He was a philanthropist, a social pioneer, and an honored man in the community. He was elected as the director of Mahesh Bank, showing early on, his leadership skills and grandiose thinking. Ever reliable, and calm, he had an ability to read any situation well, with an ability to take quick, yet calculative decisions always. He even served on the body of Akhil Bhartiya Pragati Mandal, who organize yearly entertainment and educational programs for the marwadi community of Pune. His innovative ideas help spread the reach of such events. Other than this he always helped in organizing special drives and blood donation camps in and around the city from time to time. He helped start a special service, which serves food to the relatives of the patients that come at Sasoon hospital in Pune. Most known for his benevolence, Mr. Kisan was a harbinger of vital change and cultured thinking, with an eye for detail and an ear for the forlorn. Many such characteristics helped him in setting up this company that idolizes these principles, till date. Doing business is one thing, but connecting and building relations with people, recognizing the good deeds no matter how small and valuing the individuals and their contributions are what set him apart from everyone else.


A liberal, Mr. Sham has been managing the company and helping it grow into everything that it stands strong for today. He believes in value-added work and in delivering a service that is top notch in everything we do. He has taken monumental steps to take Lenora Landmarks forward in the real estate circuit of Pune, and built a brand that is synonymous for delivering dream houses every time, in all the projects. Having seen his father and elder brother in the business, Mr. Sham Laddha had learned from up close how to function and carry on in this industry. From a young age he took on the responsibilities of the venture setting it ahead on its path to brilliance. He has worked closely in the various propositions from early on helping him lead the way onward. His ingenious mindset and vast experiences have helped him in spearheading this syndicate ahead. An inspiring personality, he believes in taking on every new challenge head on. Having seen a few testing times prematurely, he has remained calm in the eye of the storm and has not only taken the company successfully to the other side but has ascended higher pillars of success than ever before. With an aim to venture into aspects other than real estate soon, he ensures a well-rounded growth of the firm. For the better part of his life having been into this industry he has seen and helped build the company grow from the ground up. And now as we usher into newfangled times he is working for this new future of growth, and for the possibilities they bring with it.