The man with a golden heart, Mr. Kisan Bhagwandas Laddha, was the founding father of the organization that stands today. A man with an extremely progressive mind set and resolute determination, for whom a task, no matter how big or small, was important and was done with great confidence. Coming from a different background, he learned everything hands on, and established a strong foundation for the company.

An interactive and socially active humanitarian, he built a strong network of motivated individuals, who today, even decades later, work together relentlessly. A visionary, he left behind a legacy that continues serving people till date.

A philanthropist, social pioneer, and a venerable individual in the community, he was elected as the director of Mahesh Bank, for his impeccable leadership skills and grandiose thinking. Ever-reliable, and calm, he had the ability to read a given situation extremely well, with the ability to take quick, yet calculative decisions.

He also served as a member of the Akhil Bhartiya Pragati Mandal, an entity that organizes yearly entertainment and educational programs for the Marwadi community of Pune. His innovative ideas, not only helped spread the reach of such events, but also drove the popularity of them. He was also involved in organizing various drives and events for different causes, such as setting up blood donation camps across the city and distribution of essential aid in times of crisis. He was also responsible for the initiation of a special food service that provides meals to the relatives of patients that visit Sasoon hospital, Pune.

Well-known for his benevolence, Mr. Kisan was the harbinger of vital change and cultured thinking, with an eye for detail and an ear for the forlorn. Many such characteristics helped him set up the organization that idolizes these principles till date. Conducting business activities is one thing, but connecting and building relations with people, recognizing the good deeds, no matter how small, and valuing the individuals and their contributions are what set him apart from everyone else.


A liberal, Mr. Sham has been managing the company and helping it grow into everything that it stands strong for today. He believes in value-added work and providing services that are nothing less than the best. He is also responsible for some monumental achievements that has taken Lenora Group forward in the real estate circuit of Pune, and built a brand that is synonymous for delivering dream houses time and again.

Having seen his father and elder brother in the business, Mr. Sham Laddha learned up close how to function and carry on in this industry. From a young age, he took on the responsibilities of the venture, thus carving its path to brilliance. His close and personal association with various propositions from the beginning helped him in leading the way onwards.

His ingenious mindset and vast experiences have enabled him in spearheading all that the company stands for. An inspiring personality, he believes in taking on every new challenge head on. Having witnessed a few testing times prematurely, his ability to remain calm even in the eye of the storm has not only led to the company reaching new heights, but has ascended the pillars of success higher than before.

With the sole purpose to venture into aspects other than real estate, Mr. Sham ensures he is well-prepared to drive the growth of the firm in every field. For the better part of his life, he has been involved in the industry and has been one the major reasons for the growth of the company. He now lives by his vision to step into this new future of growth, and for the possibilities they bring with it.


Mr. Shubham Laddha is the next generation to lead the Lenora group ahead with his new age ideas and gusto.

He completed his graduation in Civil Engineering from the Pune University with distinction. He also holds an MBA in Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure from RICS SBE a UK based business school which specialises in Real Estate sector. He gathered acclaim for his leadership skills throughout his educational life and was even awarded the ‘Best Overall Performance of the Batch’ in his MBA. This superlative performance set him up for the professional world and became the foundation onto which the next set of actions to lead the company ahead were built.

He has been actively associated with the company for many years now where today he takes care of Operations and Business Development while also heading the Marketing and Sales team. After taking over the business full time with his far sighted perspective he rebranded and built the prospering brand of Lenora as we have come to recognize it today. He aims to continue on Lenora’s ideology of integrity and affordability while providing premium quality solutions and he has taken huge strides in reaffirming this while moving towards the next chapter of the company.

He also actively indulges in social work and has developed an initiative by the name of ‘Saarthi- a helping hand’ a Non-profit Organisation which staunchly believes in giving back to the society. Going forward he wants to develop this initiative to extend towards supporting education and health.

With Mr. Shubham at the helm of affairs, Lenora looks forward to expand their horizons and build the company as a true testament which is devoted to its missions and beliefs, mixed with passion to serve premier solutions to its customers and community.


Mr. Sudarshan Laddha has come to become an important part of the next chapter of Lenora Company in the short while since he’s been there. With his Graduation in BBM from the Pune University and his PGDM in FMB from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research he has built his academics in a way to look after the company with the best of expertise.

He may come across as a reserved person but his strong individualistic energy can be seen behind many of the activities that the company undertakes. Amongst the various roles that he plays at Lenora Group he is the person in charge of Taxation and Accounts, an arena he highly excels at.

With his ever approachable nature and the millennial perspective Mr. Sudarshan has ingenious ideas to push the company into newer disciplines ahead.

Like his predecessors who started the company with an intention to become a brand that is equivalent of quality and assurance, he exemplifies these ethics and pushes the extents of their reach every day. He spearheads the other, newer segments of the company apart from real estate and is the vital member of many of its varied initiatives.